Since 1978, Aspirateurs Gatineau has paid particular attention to the well-being of its customers by offering them superior quality products and services.”

    In a context of unprecedented technological acceleration which is at the heart of our development, we are the trusted partner of companies that innovate and customers that stand out to quickly and successfully develop high-quality products. Thus, our products are of high efficiency thanks to their innovative design, their characteristics and our constant dedication to total customer satisfaction.

    Our main mission is to contribute to improving the air quality in your environment to ensure the best sanitary conditions and a high level of comfort whether in your home or your workplace.

    We are here to make your life easier by offering you a multitude of products at excellent value for money as well as services ranging from installation to repair.


Team spirit :

Team spirit is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of our company and the well-being of our employees. Our family origin pushes us to value the weaving of links in our daily lives.


In our opinion, professionalism guarantees a positive impression with our customers, successful interpersonal relationships with our colleagues and a lasting reputation in the field.

Integrity and reliability:

To maintain our honesty throughout the process, we approach each product with attention to detail and complete each service with great care to do it right. The reliability of our products and services is necessary to fully satisfy you.

Respect and courtesy:

We are aware of the importance of respect towards our team, partners, suppliers and customers without exception. Combined with courtesy, it is the basis of all productivity and engagement and promotes the long-term growth of our company.

Trust :

Our customers are at the heart of our top priorities. We do our best to keep a strong relationship to continue meeting their expectations by offering superior quality products and services performed by trusted experts using genuine parts.


    We aspire to preserve our heritage and deploy it for generations to come to continue fulfilling our mission to our customers and our community.

    Our innovative, avant-garde and efficient team is constantly on the lookout to offer you equipment at the cutting edge of technology that is always constantly evolving. In combination with our set of values ​​always kept in mind, we aim to provide your satisfaction while exceeding your expectations.

    Our vision is to be an organization that continually strives to improve the outcomes and experiences of the communities we serve. We are committed to always striving to be safe and efficient, friendly and attentive to every detail. We also wanted to achieve sustainable and rewarding growth while supporting our team towards trustworthy service.

Message from the founder

Oscar Champagne

“When we opened our first store, my partners and I shared the same motivation: to simplify the lives of our customers by offering them the products they need when they need them. Here, we offer you your choice and not ours; hence the reason which encourages us to present several brands rather than one.

Message from the owner

Good morning,

To the best of my personal experience and our entire team, I am happy to be able to offer reliable, high quality and trustworthy products and services.

It is also my pleasure to announce that Aspirateurs Gatineau continues to grow, under the name Air Plus Vacuum. This not only means that we are expanding our product range but also that we will serve more territories in Canada.

Of course, the quality of our products and the professionalism of our service are the result of our large, satisfied customer base. But, more importantly, what makes us strong is our team of dedicated experts who come together to give you better service every day.

I thank God for this company and for the privilege of working with a dynamic team and the joy of serving our customers well.

I wish you my sincere greetings and hope to have the pleasure of serving you in one of our stores.

Daniel Champagne,