• Piping

    The Laundryjet system uses a heavy-duty 6-inch diameter BNQ piping system, allowing almost any item of clothing to be vacuumed from room to room.

  • The motor unit

    Installed in your laundry room, the LaundryJeta motor unit will vacuum your clothes quickly and quietly.

  • The ports

    Constructed from durable glossy plastic, the LaundryJet ports are simply screw-mounted to the wall, with the hose connecting to a simple clamp on the rear.

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Laundry Jet Swift

Works with up to 4 available ports. Its unique styling, easy-to-view rectangular plexiglass window, and stunning glossy acrylic finish add a unique, futuristic touch to any laundry room.

Laundry Jet Plus

Works with 8 ports and less. The Plus installs inside your own custom cabinets to maintain the overall aesthetic of your laundry room while adding the maximum benefit of LaundryJet technology.

The perfect ally for a simple and healthy life.

With the Laundry Jet system, you can easily send dry or damp dirty clothes directly to the laundry room with just one button.

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Incredibly powerful. Simply incredible.

What the Laundry Jet can carry.


Jeans and pants

Shirts, t-shirts

Light blankets and sheets

Socks and underwear

Watch the LaundryJet in action

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    Our team offers you a lifetime warranty covering your entire system when installed by one of our experts.

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