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Pull-Type Autoscrubber - Johnny Vac JVC65RBTN - 26"

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The JVC65RBTN traction autoscrubber will greatly improve the efficiency of your cleaning thanks to its output of 3150 m2/h (33,906.32 ft2/h). Due to its superior performance, it will allow you to reduce your maintenance costs in addition to improving the level of hygiene of the premises. This equipment can easily be operated by an inexperienced staff member.


  • Battery
  • Charger
  • 2 years warranty (For batteries 6 months warranty)


  • Key switch
  • U-shaped scraper leaves no stains or water marks on the floor
  • Dashboard with visual buttons making the device easy to use, even by an inexperienced person
  • Special air duct for engine air intake and exhaust: allows hot and cold air to circulate without mixing, ensuring the useful life of the engine
  • Brush system features a design for automatic tool-free assembly and disassembly
  • Low noise level of 58 dB allowing cleaning of areas most sensitive to noise such as hospitals, schools, etc.
  • 24V 240 A/H battery requiring no maintenance and allowing the machine to operate continuously for 3.5 hours
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