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Johnny Vac JVC70RIDERN ride-on autoscrubber - 28"

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The Johnny Vac autoscrubber gives you efficiency and durability thanks to its output of 4550 m2/h (48,975.79 ft2/h) and its 24V 300 A/H batteries allowing the machine to operate continuously for 3.5 hours . Its dashboard with visual buttons allows for quick and easy operation.


  • Recovery tank can be tipped 90o to check the battery without using tools
  • V-shaped squeegee leaves no stains or water marks on the floor
  • Automatic reset
  • Dashboard with visual buttons making it easy to use, even by an inexperienced person
  • Low noise level of 58 dB allowing cleaning of areas most sensitive to noise such as hospitals, schools, etc.
  • 24V 300 A/H batteries require no maintenance and allow the machine to operate continuously for 3.5 hours
  • Brush motor: 400W x2
  • Vacuum cleaner motor: 550W
  • Cleaning solution tank: 90L (24 gal.)
  • Recovery tank: 100 L (27 gal.)
  • Cleaning width: 70 cm (28 in)
  • Scraping width: 96 cm (38 in)
  • Number of brushes: 2)
  • Rotation diameter: 191 cm (75 in)
  • Yield of 4550 m2/h (48,975.79 ft2/h)
  • Maximum climbing capacity: 18%


  • Battery
  • Charger