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Aspirateurs Gatineau

Autoscrubber with electric cord - Ghibli - 15"

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Thanks to its new design, its high-impact design and good ergonomics, the GHM38 is highly efficient. With its new and reduced shapes, it allows you to have easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Then it's a perfect mix of solutions. The front knob allows you to easily adjust the incidence of the brush on the floor, ensuring perfect adhesion to all work surfaces. The external wheel allows easy height adjustment of the brush head, and therefore prevents overloading of the brush motor. The motor and suction equipment guarantee you perfect drying results with a new filter for maximum reliability. The scraping system perfectly covers the waterway in any condition, thus improving results, without forgetting the new pedal lifting system which makes this function even more comfortable for the user. This autoscrubber is equipped with a 15 meter long power cable for greater working comfort. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the GHM38 autoscrubber is the ideal solution for all types of cleaning of small, medium and even large surfaces. Amazing !


  • Perfect design for hard to wash areas like table mats
  • Control panel with display: for easy and quick selection of all main functions
  • Silent mode function: ideal for daytime work in environments that require silence such as schools, hospitals, etc.
  • 15" brush cleaning width
  • Adjustable 18" scraping system for excellent drying results on cleaned surfaces


  • Clean water tank filling hose
  • 15" polypropylene brushes
  • Detachable 50' power cable
  • Detachable brush protection platform
  • Rear rubber blades for perfect scraping that leaves no marks
  • 2 year warranty

Technical characteristics

Title Description
Engine 260W
Detachable power cable 50' (15m)
PCM 68
Brush 15" Diameter
Brush motor speed 130 RPM
Dimensions (long x width x height) 865 x 430 x 1160mm
Weight (empty tanks) 40kg
Sound levels 65dB
Clean tank 15 l
Waste water tank 17 liters
Yield 1540 m2/h