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Aspirateurs Gatineau

Autoscrubber, Lava Facile 35 - 13''

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The Lava Facile 35 professional scrubber dryer is a compact, lightweight and easy to transport auto scrubber. It is ideal for small to medium sized floor coverings. Easy to use, it offers the most efficient cleaning power in its category and dries the floor immediately. Equipped with a removable four (4) liter water tank and a waste water tank which collects the dirt removed by the two circular brushes, the Lava Facile will make you forget about mopping.

Characteristic Description
Motor (brushes) 110V
Vacuum cleaner Triple propeller system
Working width 35cm
Brushes n.2 with inclined bristles
Brush speed 550 rpm
Weight on brushes 8kg
Clean water tank 4L
Waste water tank 4L
Ability to work 4305 ft2/hour
H2O depression 1000mm
Weight 14kg