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Aspirateurs Gatineau

Cordless autoscrubber, Lava 35 PLUS Battery - 13''

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The Lava 35 Plus Li-Ion professional scrubber dryer is a battery-powered version of the Lava 35 Plus. This machine is even more manageable with a battery life of one hour and rapid charging. The batteries, assembled in Italy with first-class components, use Lithium-ion technology. They are rechargeable in less than 3.5 hours and after a one hour charge they reach 50% of their full state of charge. They are lightweight and easily removable if necessary. The Lava 35 Plus Li-Ion allows the user to thoroughly clean and dry floors, a particularly useful asset in public places, as there is no risk of slipping on wet floors or tripping over the cord . The rotating brushes were designed specifically to clean grout between tiles thanks to the angled bristles.

Characteristic Description
Motor (brushes) 110V
Vacuum cleaner Triple propeller system
Working width 35cm
Brushes n.2 with inclined hairs
Brush speed 550 rpm
Weight on brushes 13kg
Clean water tank 4L
Waste water tank 4L
Ability to work 4305 ft2/hour
H2O depression 1000mm
Weight 18kg