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Aspirateurs Gatineau

Herbal-1 (1 liter)

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Herbal-1 is an antibacterial deodorizer and light cleanser. Instructions: Room Freshener - Mix 200ml Herbal-1 with 1 liter of water in a trigger sprayer set to mist and spray lightly into the air. Light Cleaner - mix 150ml of Herbal-1 with 1 liter of water and use as a spray and wipe cleaner, as a wet mop solution or in a bucket to wash with a sponge or cloth. Carpet - add neat product to diluted carpet cleaning solution to eliminate wet carpet odor. Pure - spray into toilets, trash cans, urinals, bedpans, etc. Laundry - add ¼ cup of product to the laundry wash or rinse cycle to leave sheets and towels with a fresh scent. Herbal-1 is a great product to use on porcelain, ceramic, chrome, appliances, countertops and wax-free floors to leave a sparkling shine.