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Johnny Vac XV10 XCLUSIV

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The XV10 is a canister vacuum cleaner that combines technology, luxury and reliability. Indeed, thanks to its digital control device which regulates the suction, or its indicator for the full bag, the XV-10 has the best of electronics at little cost. Equipped with a telescopic extension tube and automatic rewinding, this vacuum cleaner is also equipped with HEPA filtration which ensures perfect filtration of dust and allergens.

Features :

  • 120 volt motor

  • Fill indicator

  • Digital control

  • LED indicator

  • Variable suction force

  • HEPA filtration

  • Automatic power cable rewind

Included :

  • Furniture, floor and dust brushes

  • Adjustable Sleeve

  • Wedge tool

  • HEPA filtration

  • Johnny vac 3 year warranty

Its use :

  • Home

  • Apartment

  • Condominium

  • Cottage