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JohnnyVac JV400D (dry and wet)

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The JV400D is unbeatable when it comes to tackling commercial jobs such as the car wash, a construction site, or even your garage. Its suction power and the versatility of the JV400D will now facilitate all your vacuuming tasks for both dry and wet materials. But it is above all its drainage hose which makes this vacuum cleaner essential and which makes work easier in a snap.


  • CMF: 127
  • Water lift 96"
  • 1200 W 2-stage motor
  • Tank equipped with a drainage hose
  • Bowl on trolley with arch handle
  • Swivel wheels
  • Lid handle
  • Product colors: yellow and gray


  • Complete accessories 40 mm
  • Corner tool
  • Carpet, floor and dust brushes
  • Brush to suck up water
  • Two-piece metal sleeve
  • 8 foot hose
  • Two (2) year Johnny Vac warranty