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Edic 500BX-HR Carpet Washer with External Water Heater and Hand Tool

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The galaxy 5 water heater was designed to heat the water needed for carpet cleaning work. In fact, the exterior heating compartment allows hot water to be supplied to the device at all times through its waterproof stainless steel chamber. So you never run out of hot water for big jobs! And the most remarkable thing is that this 1000 Watt device is simply powered by a very ordinary power cable. Without forgetting the different water heating options included with the device for a complete and well-done job. The Galaxy 5 comes with a 15' hose and the 1039AC tool, an essential!


  • Exclusive 1000 W system heating water up to 170 degrees
  • The device opens easily
  • Fully sealed device, no leaks to the outside
  • Water heating part that removes from the unit
  • Quietly manufactured
  • Heating chamber tested to 2500 psi to ensure safety
  • Handle that facilitates transport by one person and helps with storage
  • The internal parts of the device have special insulation
  • 2 year warranty


  • Adjustable handle for storage and transport
  • 7" unbranded wheels
  • Exceptional water heater that removes from the unit
  • 4 gallon clean water tank
  • 5 gallon recovery tank
  • Made from durable, insulating polypropylene

Technical characteristics

Title Description
Thermal heating 1000W
Type of engine Single with three fans
Dimensions 28″H x 24.5L”L x 16″W
Ability 5 gal (50 L)
PCM 112
Water lifting 136
Power cable 25'
Weight 57 lbs
Rear wheels 7" Unbranded
Tray base In aluminium
Cleaning pressure 100 psi