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Aspirateurs Gatineau

JVM15 carpet washer

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Here is one of our most amazing devices ever: the JVM15. In fact, this device is a carpet extractor and a vacuum cleaner at the same time. The big advantage with this carpet washer is its compact shape and mobility. No longer carry around a large, unnecessary device; the JVM15 slips into difficult places and is very easy to handle.

Thanks to a spray/extraction system, allowing intensive use, the JVM15 deeply injects a solution of water and soap which cleans rugs and carpets while the vacuum cleaner immediately collects the dirty water and dries the floor.

Ideal for cleaning carpets, rugs, armchairs. An essential device in your arsenal against dirt!


  • PVC coated stainless steel sleeve
  • Right upper sleeve TUJV6240
  • Curved bottom sleeve TUJV6261
  • 10" water suction tool
  • 1 Paper bag
  • Polyester filter
  • Hand tool and hose
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Floor brush
  • Dusting tool
  • Floor squeegee
  • Furniture brush
  • Corner tool

Technical characteristics

Description Value
watts 1000W
Tank capacity 5 L (1.3 gal)
Recovery tank capacity 29 L (7.7 gal)
Pump PSI 48 PSI
For residence up to 10000 ft2