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Nilfisk VL500

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Nilfisk VL500-35-55 and 75 EDF 120V / 60HZ US

Reliable and economical cleaning
The new Advance VL500 wet/dry vacuum cleaner range is designed to meet virtually any cleaning requirement.

Available in three models — 9, 14 and 19 gallon tank configurations — VL500 wet/dry vacuums satisfy applications ranging from small offices to large educational and healthcare facilities. Designed with a superior filtration system, easy-to-use features and extensive accessories, operators are sure to find a wet/dry vacuum to suit their cleaning schedule.
With three unique models to choose from, the VL500 Series offers unprecedented cleaning flexibility. Equipped with a front-mount squeegee and 19-gallon tank, the VL500-75 is ideal for high-capacity floor scrubbing and stripping. Plus, forward and reverse scrubbing capabilities and the exclusive ERGO “tip n' vers” design make scooping and dumping water easy. For emergency spills and floods, the VL500-55 delivers power and functionality when you need it. Featuring a hose, wand, squeegee floor tool, brush floor tool and optional front-mount squeegee, you can quickly clean up any unwanted messes. When dirt or dust is the main problem, the VL500-35 offers quality filtration and dust collection, in addition to crevice and dust collection tools. Operators can also use the VL500-35 for wet applications.
Featuring a unique filtration system, the VL500 series offers a solution for both wet and dry filtration. Designed with three durable components, the filter completely seals the engine inlet, protecting it from dust and water. Once the job is finished, the filter is easily removed from the vacuum for a simple rinse, ensuring the VL500 is ready for the next project within minutes.
VL500 wet/dry vacuum cleaners offer simple and reliable operation. The 14 and 19 gallon configurations feature a balanced wide stance for superior maneuverability, while the VL500-35's lightweight design ensures easy transport. For enhanced performance, the VL500 Series offers a variety of standard and optional accessories, from hoses and wands to squeegees and dusting tools.

Filter system allows for both wet and dry filtration, while keeping the engine dry
ERGO “tip n pour” design allows for easy emptying of the reservoir
Powerful 1000W motor improves cleaning capacity
Hinge motor head lifts for quick access to motor
Handle holder for cord storage
Simple triggering of the pedal squeegee