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Numatic Charles CVC370

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You want a completely uncompromising vacuum cleaner, whether for wet or dry use, and that's exactly what you get. One minute (or most of the year in the majority of cases) Charles will be up to his neck in dust and dirt, keeping everything spotless, then suddenly the call comes in and he has to unclog the sink or dry floor. Well that's no problem with Charles, he has our full TwinFlo engine and performance to give you exactly what you need. Large HepaFlo filters and dust bags for dry use and a safety float valve for wet collection.

The tubes are lightweight aluminum and will never rust. Two floor nozzles, one for wet jobs and a superb combination nozzle for carpet and hard floors, and even this one has a high efficiency stainless steel carpet plate. Add to that three smaller tools and you're ready to tackle almost anything that comes your way, whether it's floors or floods, corners or curtains, you're in control.

Having a Charles at home is like having an insurance policy but without the fine print.

Capacity: dry 15L, wet 9L

Power cord: 10m

Motor: 1000 W

Weight: (Machine + Kit) 9kg

Power: 230 V AC 50/60Hz

Cord length: 26.8m

Suction: 2400mm H2O

Airflow: 49L/sec