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Riccar R10E Light

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The Riccar Supralite range stands out among the lightest and most practical vacuum cleaners to use. These devices combine lightness and mobility thanks to their rear wheels, allowing you to easily move them from one room to another and store them in a closet effortlessly. Unlike other lightweight vacuum cleaners that require manual transport from room to room, SupraLite vacuum cleaners, including the R10E model, offer exceptional cleaning performance and great user-friendliness, key features of this exceptional range.

The Riccar R10E, weighing just eight pounds, excels at cleaning low to medium pile carpets thanks to its wooden brush bar and flat rubber belt. To maintain its lightweight, it has no hose, extension, or built-in accessories for above-floor cleaning. Still, it's built to withstand the rigors of weekly household cleaning, thanks to its durable plastic wheels and polycarbonate baseplate.

For simplified maintenance, the Riccar R10E is equipped with a 5 amp circuit breaker to reset the machine in the event of an obstruction, and the belt is easily accessible without requiring the use of tools.

Main characteristics :

5.5 amp motor.

11 inch cleaning width.

Wooden stirrer.

30 foot power cord.

Lighthouse for dark corners around furniture.

Rubber bumper on the nozzle to prevent scratches on baseboards.

Self-adjusting nozzle for different carpet heights.

3 year warranty.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 8 pounds.

Accessories provided:

1 bag included.