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Aspirateurs Gatineau

Vapore 3000 Aspira Injection

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Ecological cleaner
Vapore D65-AV CARBON with vapor and suction

Unlike a regular steam cleaner or steam machine, the VAPORE line uses dry steam technology with a humidity level between 4% and 6%. The Vapore D65-AV with suction and steam is an eco-friendly steam cleaner created for residential cleaning and disinfection of a variety of surfaces. The Vapore D65-AV acts like two machines in one unit. Steam not only dissolves dirt and grime, but is scientifically certified to disinfect any surface, completely eliminating bacteria and viruses in an eco-friendly way without the use of chemicals. With the vacuum's water filtration system, the Vapore D65-AV collects dirt and traps it in water without the risk of spreading dust. Additionally, the Vapore D65-AV also has a HEPA filtration system to ensure that air quality is not compromised. Equipped with a cold water tank, the Vapore D65-AV has a continuous fill function that allows you to fill the vapor system with water at any time, without stopping. With its removable hose, the Vapore D65-AV also gives you the option to use the optional iron (sold separately), transforming your cleaning system into an ironing station.

Characteristic :
Tank type: Stainless steel
Flight. tank: 1 L
Auto-fill: Yes
Suction: Yes
Pressure (at outlet): 4.5 bar (67.5 psi)
Temperature (in the tank): 155°C
Temperature (at outlet): 120°C
Working time: Unlimited
Regulator: Yes
Indicator – lack of water: Yes
Indicator – steam ready; Yes
Hose length; 7′
Spray option: Yes
Extension cord length: 13′ (4 m)
Weight: 20 pounds / 9 kg
Resistance power: 1500 W
Ampere: 13 A
Warranty (parts and works): 1 year (device) 3 years (tank)

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