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Vapor D50

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Ecological steam cleaner VaporeD50

Unlike a regular steam cleaner or steam machine, the VAPORE line uses dry steam technology with a humidity level between 4% and 6%. The Vapore D50 residential eco-friendly steam cleaner is created for residential cleaning and disinfection of a variety of surfaces. The system will help you clean with less effort, faster and in an eco-friendly way by eliminating the use of chemicals. Equipped with a cold water tank, the Vapore D50 has a continuous fill function that allows you to fill the system with water at any time, without stopping. Including a wide variety of accessories, the Vapore D50 will make it easier to clean walls, ceilings, bathrooms, mattresses, kitchens, floors and much more. The squeegee included with your machine will help you better clean glass, mirrors and windows. The Vapore D50's hose is also removable, giving you the option of using an iron (sold separately) to transform your cleaning system into an ironing station.

Characteristic :
  • Tank type: Stainless steel
  • Flight. tank: 1.5 L
  • Self-filling: Yes (1.5L tank)
  • Suction: No
  • Pressure (at outlet): 4.5 bar (67.5 psi)
  • Temperature (in the tank): 155°C
  • Temperature (at outlet): 120°C
  • Working time: unlimited
  • Regulator: Yes
  • Indicator – lack of water: Yes
  • Indicator – steam ready: Yes
  • Hose length: 7′
  • Spray option: Yes
  • Extension cord length; 13′ (4m)
  • Resistance power; 1500W
  • Ampere: 13 A
  • Warranty (parts and works): 1 year (device) 3 years (tank)

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