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Aspirateurs Gatineau

Cordless autoscrubber, Lava Facile 35 Battery - 13''

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The Lava Facile 35 Li-Ion professional scrubber dryer, practical and handy professional floor cleaner ideal for small/medium rooms. The machine offers a working capacity of approximately 1000 square meters per hour and, thanks to the 35 cm washing track, it is able to move comfortably between obstacles and is optimal for domestic and commercial environments; the integrated suction system guarantees immediate drying.

The scrubber is equipped with a pair of counter-rotating circular brushes with inclined bristles, capable of thoroughly cleaning all types of floors and removing dirt even from the joints. If it is necessary to clean particularly dirty floors, there is the possibility of isolating the suction for more thorough cleaning. Maintenance interventions are extremely simple and the brushes are easily replaceable; It is possible to use a wide range of discs with different hardnesses to adapt to any type of surface, including carpets.

Characteristic Description
Motor (brushes) 110V
Vacuum cleaner Triple propeller system
Working width 35cm
Brushes n.2 with inclined bristles
Brush speed 550 rpm
Weight on brushes 8kg
Clean water tank 4L
Waste water tank 4L
Ability to work 1000 m2/hour
Battery life
1 hour


15.4 kg